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‣    My name is Mankirat, but I usually go by Mikey. I recently graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

‣   During my time there, I was a teaching assistant in Software Programming and a research assistant in Web Security. I also formerly interned at IBM and at Nomura Securities.

‣   I'm mostly interested in developing web applications, working with cloud technology, and following DevOps practices.

‣   I also love dancing, attending happy hours, and trading equity in my spare time.

My Projects

Below, you'll find some projects that I have worked during my school years and on the side. I love picking up new technologies or frameworks to use for my projects. Most of my major work so far have been web applications, but I am currently exploring project ideas involving DevOps concepts, Chrome extensions, and useful developer utilities.

A Gerrymandering anaylsis tool to generate fair and non-partisan districts.

Stack Overflow Clone

By Mankirat Gulati, Andy Liang, Johnny So

A minimal clone of StackOverflow designed to handle close to real traffic by implementing Cloud Computing concepts.

Residual Trust

By Mankirat Gulati

A chrome extension that warns users when a domain they may have visited in the past, has changed ownership.

A streaming service inspired by Netflix to demonstrate relational-database utilization.

A covert command-and-control server used to exfiltrate data from infected clients.


Below, you will find my resumé that details my education, work history, and skills.

For an online PDF version, click here.

Mankirat Gulati

A programmer with over 2 years of experience developing efficient, reliable software. Proficient in Python, Java, and JavaScript. Love teaching myself new technologies and frameworks.

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